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Leak Detection and Repair Services Canoga Park

We offer a full range of water leak detection services:

Detect and Repair a Slab Leak

Yellowish or hot spots on the floor and musty odour in the air are the signs of a slab leak. If you observe any of these signs, call us for assistance.

We use specialized tools to reach every suspected area of the leak and accurately find its location.

Drain Pipe Leak Repair 

Damped floor and a foul smell indicate the possibility of a drain pipe or sewer line leak. If you notice such signs, there might be a drain pipe leak in your property, reach out to us for assistance.

We perform a sewer camera inspection to get an image of the pipes from inside, which help us discover the exact location and source of a leak.

Leaky Faucet Repair  

Usually, the faucet leaks are visible. However, those underneath the handle or sink might go unnoticed for a long time. If you notice that there is a faucet leak at your property, get in touch with us to fix it.

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Water leaks

Particularly those out of sight and silent, lead to significant water wastage and cause irreversible structural damage to your property before they come to notice. Therefore, they should be precisely located and treated in a timely manner.

We at Marco Plumbing Services Canoga Park take pride in being an industry leader in non-invasive leak detection and repair in Canoga Park.

Whether the leak is under the concrete slabs, behind the wall or in the toilet, we utilize the least intrusive methods to diagnose it with the utmost precision and fix it.

Detect and Repair Leak Behind the Wall

If you notice yellowish stains on the walls or paint on it is peeling, the odds are high that a pipe inside it is broken.

We have access to advanced diagnostic tools to precisely determine the source of moisture behind the wall.

Repair a Leaky Toilet

A certain sign of a leaky toilet is running water. Other signs include the drainage sound produced by flush or phantom flushing.

Contact us for quick assistance. We will accurately find the location of the leak and fix it.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

 Dropping water level, cracks on tiles, algae growth around the pool area or spots in yards are the signs that indicate the high possibility of a leaky swimming pool. You can rely on us to detect the exact locality of a leak and to fix it.

emergency plumber services

My AC is Leaking Water –AC Leak Repair

If the AC at your property is leaking, it is most likely due to a clogged condensate drain line. Contact us to figure out why it is dripping water and fix it.

Canoga Park Leak Detectives You Can Rely On

As soon as you suspect you have a silent and invisible water leak at your property, get it repaired before significant damage occurs.

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